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The WSRBA has 22 Chartered Local Clubs! 11 are All Breed Clubs, and 11 are Specialty.
If you are interested in joining any of the following clubs, please contact their secretary.

*All Breed Clubs*

Badger Rabbit Breeders          The Badger Rabbit Club holds their Annual Rabbit
President: Theresa Christen            Show in Jefferson, WI in March.
V-President: Charles Mess             
Treasurer: Delores Klubertanz
Secretary: Sue Dietzman
                  15416 W Butts Corner Rd
                  EvansvilleWI 53536

Central WIRabbitBreedersAssociation        The Central Assoc. holds their
President: Darrell Gates                                        Annual Rabbit Show in Marshfield,
V-President: Marvin Kroening                              WI in April.
Treasurer: Paul Fischer
Secretary: Paul Fischer
                  W3286 Bridge Rd
                  Owen WI 54460

Fox Valley Rabbit Club                  The Fox Valley Rabbit Club is the most
President: Dennis Roloff                    active club.  They hold their Rabbit Shows in
V-President: Bob Koch                     June and September, at Weyauwega, WI.
Treasurer: Jim Miller                          The June show is known as "Spring Fling",
Secretary: Lisa Mossholder               2 complete shows in one weekend.  In September
                  4007 N RichmondSt         they sponsor an "All Youth" show on Saturday,
                  Appleton WI 54915          and a regular show on Sunday.

Indianhead Rabbit Breeders Association    The Indianhead show is at
President: Arden Wetzel                                      Saint Croix Falls, WI. and is held in
V-President: Vince Kesler                                  May.  Usually during Memorial Day
Treasurer: Louise Bergeron                                weekend.  They also have 4 complete
Secretary: Marilyn Kohler                                  Rabbit Shows during that time.
                  1898 12 1/2 Ave Lot 26
                  Cameron WI 54822

Lakeland Rabbit Breeders Association       The Lakeland Rabbit Club holds their
President: Judy Paul                                             Annual show in February, in Elkhorn .
V-President: Holly Smith                                     WI.  Sometimes it's COLD! and
Treasurer: June Esser                                           sometimes not!  But it is the first show
Secretary: Kathy Benhart                                     after the Holidays, and a great start to
                  W3975 Willow Bend Rd                    the New Year!!  Always well attended!
                  Lake Geneva WI 53148

Lumberjack Rabbit Club                 The Lumberjack Rabbit Club's show is held
President: Martha Adams                    in the great Wisconsin North Woods!  Located
V-President: Chuck Kowalski              in Hayward WI, they hold their show at the end
Treasurer: Candy Hankins                    of July.
Secretary: Gerri Kowalski
                  12637 W Twin Lake Rd
                  Hayward WI 54843

Northern Exposure Rabbit & Cavy     Northern Exposure holds their Rabbit Show
President: Karl Moe                                   in August, and when they say Northern, they
V-President: Jim Clark                               mean it! Northern Exposure is located in
Treasurer: Carla Moe                                 Superior WI.
Secretary: Celia Sullivan
                  3728 S CTY HWT E
                  South Range WI 54874

Red Cedar Rabbit Breeders              The Red Cedar Rabbit Breeders have their
President: Walter Clark                           show at the beginging of May, and is located in
V-President: Robert Singerhouse            Rice Lake, WI.
Treasurer: Eileen Clark
Secretary: Sharon Jensen
                  589 335th Ave
                  Frederic WI 54837

Southern Lakes Rabbit Club             Southern Lakes Rabbit Club is a fairly new
President: Clem Steinhoff                       club that has taken off  to a strong start!  
V-President: Amanda Kostman             Located in Union Grove WI, they hold
Treasurer: Jackie Daly                           their show in May, after Rice Lake.
Secertary: Jackie Daly
                 3023 296th Ave
                 Burlington WI 53105

Southwest WI Rabbit Club                 The Southwest WI Rabbit Club is located in
President: Gary Bird                                the Southwestern corner of the state, and they
V-President: Michael Grinnell                 hold their show in Mineral Point, WI.  At
Treasurer: Deanna MacMillan                the middle of May you'll find their show, after
Secretary: Deanna MacMillan                Rice Lake and Southern Lakes.
                  6320 80th St South
                  WI Rapids WI 54494

Tri-County Rabbit Breeders Association     The Tri-County Rabbit Breeders have
President: Robert Krahn                                       2 shows a year, one in spring (early
V-President: Del Wampner                                 April) and another in the fall, (early
Treasurer: Melissa Novak                                   October).  The shows are on Saturday
Secretary: Meilssa Novak                                   and Sunday, 2 complete shows each
                  W8779 Advent Rd                            day.
                  Fort Atkinson WI 53538
*Specialty Clubs*

Blackhawk Country Netherland Dwarf         Promotes the Netherland Dwarf rabbit.
President: Cindy Stelloh
V-President: Diana Scribner
Treasurer: Mike Famartino
Secretary: Mike Famartino
                 147 Maple Dr
                 Glenwood IL 60425

Dairyland Fuzzies Rabbit Club                    Promotes the American Fuzzy Lop rabbit.
President: Gerri Kowalski
V-President: Marilyn Kohler
Treasurer: Cheryl Miller
Secretary: Cheryl Miller
                  9865 Blue Valley Rd
                  Mount Horeb WI 53572

Midwest Mini Rex Rabbit Club                  Promotes the Mini Rex rabbit.
President: Harry Boots
V-President: Sherri Harris
Treasurer: Sara Amelse
Secretary: Sara Amelse
                  W4075 HWY H
                  Imra WI 54442

WI Angora Rabbit Breeders                    Promotes ALL Angora rabbit breeds.
President: Ann Jackson                                English Angora
V-President: Lynn Galbraith-Wilson             French Angora
Treasurer: Vicki Johnson                              Giant Angora
Secretary: Vicki Johnson                              Satin Angora
                  2380 Co Rd 9 NE
                  Nelson MN 56355

WI Checkered Giant Club                         Promotes the Checkered Giant rabbit.
President: Gary Alsteen
V-President: Bernie Bronk
Treasurer: Mary Bronk
Secretary: Mary Bronk
                  3410 48th St N
                  WI Rapids WI 54494

WI Mini Lop Specialty Club              Promotes the Mini Lop rabbit.
President: Michelle Wojcik
Treasurer: Wendy Brabender
Secretary: Wendy Brabender
                  2829 Evergreen Dr
                  Cambridge WI 53523

WI New Zealand Rabbit Club            Promotes the New Zealand rabbit.
President: Judy Paul
V-President: Mike Grinnell
Treasurer: Gary Bird
Secretary: Gary Bird
                  625 Greentree Tr
                  Muscoda WI 53573

WI Satin Breeders Association             Promotes the Satin rabbit.
President: Fred Krueger
V-President: Lee Lewis
Treasurer: Al Lunde
Secretary: Al Lunde
                  W9512 County B
                  Waterloo WI 53594

WI Silver Marten Rabbit Breeders          Promotes the Silver Marten rabbit.
President: Victor Hasel
V-President: Harlow Jones
Treasurer: Melissa Novak
Secretary: Melissa Novak
                  W660 Rome Oak Rd
                  Palmyra WI 53156

Upper Midwest Rex                                    Promotes the Rex rabbit.
President: Patti Roloff
V-President: Martha Adams
Treasurer: Dennis Roloff
Secretary: Dennis Roloff
                  E1198 Haase Rd
                  Waupaca WI 54981