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*Did you know that there are 45 breeds of domestic rabbits?  There are big rabbits ( over 18 pounds)  and small rabbits (under 2 pounds).  Rabbits that hold their ears straight up, or rabbits that have them laying on the ground, long enough to trip on!   They come in all colors and textures and you can even make a sweater out of the wool of angora rabbits.

*The best way to see if you would like to start rabbits as a hobby is to go to a local rabbit show.  Many exhibitors will gladly show you their rabbit breed and encourage you to discover more about the world of rabbits.

*Don't be swayed by the cuteness of the "bunny".  All baby rabbits are adorable in their "baby" stage.  If you choose a young rabbit, make sure that it is well over 6 - 8 weeks of age and that it is eating well on its own.  An older rabbit will be able to adjust to the change in its environment better.

*Decide if you will be showing your rabbit in sanctioned rabbit shows, showing it as a 4-H project, or keeping it around as the family "pet".  Breeders will often sell non-show quality rabbits at a lower price.  Tell the breeder if you will be showing this rabbit and then they can point out the rabbits faults, allowing you to make a better decision.

*If you plan on showing your rabbit, make sure that it makes the Standard for it's breed.  Does it have the right color, markings, eye color etc.  Watch for mis-matched toenails, nips in the ears, and broken tail if you are planning to show your rabbit.

*The best advice you can get for a beginner is "Watch the Show!" and learn your breed.  Notice the other rabbits that are going off the table and listen to the judges comments.  Learn the rabbit lingo like, pinched in the hind quarters, rough and out of condition, low rise, long stops, uneven density, to name a few.

*Rabbits can be a rewarding hobby and you will meet lots of new friends.  There are many youth activities at the rabbit shows and they are geared towards "Family Fun".