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* The American Rabbit Breeders Association, Inc. was organized in 1910, under the original name of "National Pet Stock Organization".  Over the years, the word "pet" was dropped as part of the name in 1917.  It was considered out of place at the time, and was the first of many name changes for the association.  

*The first real by-laws, show rules and Standard of Perfection was proposed, and as the organization grew, there was a proposal for an annual convention, which was accepted.

*At the 1924 convention held in Lima,OH. the board voted again to change the name of the association to "The American Rabbit and Cavy Breeders Association" which seemed desirable and appropriate for the times.

*In 1948 the membership had risen to 12,000 members, and in 1949 the first printed copy of "Practical Beginner Booklet" was selling for 10 cents a copy.  The ARBA newsletter was started and The Standard of Perfection was printed as a seperate book for the first time in 1950.

*In 1952 the name was again changed, dropping the word cavy, to the name it now carries "The American Rabbit Breeders Association, Inc."

* The ARBA's offical newsletter is now called "Domestic Rabbits"and is a bi-monthly publication.  They also print a yearly - Year Book, which includes information about the ARBA, Officers, Directors, Rules, Judges, Membership list and much, much more.

*For more information about the ARBA, please check out their web site,